Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Kids Speak, and So Does Roger!

On Saturday mornings, the kids rule the school here at Ebertfest, and this year proved no exception. The new classic Holes screened at 11am (when many other festival attendees were sleeping off their bad behavior from the night before). Afterward Chaz and director Andy Davis took a backseat on a panel to the likes of Ebert's granddaughter Raven and Nate Kohn's daughter Sophie. True family values were discussed, as well as the universality and many teachings of the film. But the kids didn't entirely dominate this morning.

Roger himself had a "the future is now" moment (apt for his sci-fi fan self). Using voice-activated software, he introduced the film Holes' director, Andy Davis, and though his mechanized voice lacked inflection, his characteristic good will and humor rang loud and clear. Technology is not all bad (just, occasionally, abused).

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