Friday, April 27, 2007

The Overheard Festival

*Joan Cohl, on how she was warned off her future husband, Dusty (Toronto Film Festival founder and general Ebertfest legend): "They told me he was a Trotskyite Deviationist." Some things never change.

*Dave Poland speaking animatedly of Chesty Morgan's reputed breast implants at the University's student union. 'Nuff said!

*Writer/director Paul Cox (here with Man of Flowers) swilling a soda, er, pop, and then staring at it disgustedly: "Only in America do I drink coke."

*Actress/writer/director Joey Lauren Adams, up from Ole Miss to present her first feature Come Early Morning, extolling her food documentarian beau's skills in the kitchen while he blushes furiously. Apparently, he smokes whole hogs.

*Alan Rickman, here with Perfume: the Story of a Murderer, at dinner last night, talking about his work in the Canadian indie Snow Cake. He is erudite, not prone to or particularly tolerant of Americanisms, and visibly tired of fielding Harry Potter questions though polite when that subject, or any other, rears its head. He is droll, but regally so, free of the aw-shucksisms that American actors affect, which renders him less immediately accessible and infinitely more authentic. He is also ridiculously, nay, ridonkulously attractive, even more so than on screen. Ah, starf***ery.

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Marla said...

Mmmm, Alan Rickman. Could read the phone book aloud to my eternal delight.

Great job on the blog so far, Liser.