Thursday, April 26, 2007

Word on the Street

Many festival regulars — the website Movie City News’ Dave Poland, Chicago Sun Times critic Roger Emerson, Chaz Ebert (Roger’s estimable wife); and director Nate Kohn among them — are pulling extra duty this year, moderating panels and audience q&as and basically taking on some of the many, many hats that Roger singlehandedly dons every year. Not only does it shed light on just how much work he really does, but it’s consumed a bit of this reporter’s time thus far (happily, I might add). Which is all to say that my other duties, coupled with yesterday’s planes, trains, and automobiles of a travel-esty, amounts to la light blogging. Thus far!

Here’s some other coverage to tide you over. And, for the record, there’s been a lot. At last night’s opening film, Gattaca (a review of which is immiment), the media outlets were in full effect — from Entertainment Tonight to ABC News. What other film critic in the world could evoke such a media blitz? (Even Pauline Kael only had her Paulettes, really.)

Chicago Sun Times
Roger himself speaks
the local paper News-Gazette
and our unofficial blogger, who, it must be said, has blogged significantly more than yours truly thus far.

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Dan S said...

Lisa, great job on the Gattaca panel the other night. Without Roger there, the panels have been OK, but not up to their usual Ebert-like standards. I think you've been one of the best voices up there so far.

Do they have plans to use as a moderator today or tomorrow? If not, is there someone we can deluge with email about it? :)